How To Straighten Thick Hair

Straightened locks on thick hair can look superb with that natural lustrous volume that your hair has. When people are trying to add volume to their hair today, thick hair will look fabulous when styled. If you are blessed with thick hair, then you can make your hair more manageable and lovely using some tricky styling techniques. The process of straightening is all similar for people with thick hair. And the only difference that can be said is that thick hair would require some more soothing preparations to be done before styling so that you can make the whole process simply easy.

For hassle free styling, you require to soften your hair by treating it with conditioners and nourishing products. Since thick hair can have accumulations of dirt and oils, you need to wash it with a good deep cleaning shampoo and then condition it with leave-in conditioner. The thick hair can easily be prone to falls when they dry out extensively. Since hot styling iron can increase the risk for hair falls, you need to keep it hydrated by coating it with moisturizing creams and thermal protectant products. All these tips should be followed without fail to retain the thickness and volume of your hair even after styling.

Once you have shielded your hair with all the necessary methods, you can pass it through a styling process without worrying about any sort of damages. Even though your hair is now healthy and protected enough to resist the heat of the styling iron, make sure that the flat iron that you have chosen is made with heat protecting elements. A ceramic or tourmaline integrated flat iron should be your choice for safe styling. Once all the rules for safe styling meets together, safe application is the next important thing that plays the final big role for straightening thick hair effectively. You should always remember that the best styling technique is by sectioning the hair into equal parts and then straightening section by section. You can straighten or curl the hair with the same rule. You should also treat your hair similarly with relaxing products after styling like you have done before starting the process. This will keep your hair moisturized and soothed from the hot treatment of the flat iron.