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Cosmetics For Beauty

Some people are so obsessed with beauty that they spend their last penny on creams or put on make-up to achieve different looks at different times. These days, it's not surprising to see beauty – conscious women doing those tried and tested tips like putting mayonnaise on the hair, cucumbers on the eyes and even milk or eggs on the face. All these for the sake of beauty.

Undoubtedly, cosmetics has played an important role in women's lives. Superficial or not, most spend endless hours being scrubbed, massaged, exfoliated and made up like a butterfly. You have beauty products for having lovely eyes, sweet fragrances, oil-free foundations, dyes, anti-aging creams, moisturizers, powders, lipsticks, among others.

"But one should be careful," explains dermatologist Glibenette Tapang – Panlaqui. "The contact cause of skin reactions due to cosmetics is fragrances.

The severity of the skin reactions, she says, vary from person to person or from time to time for the same person, due to the conditions of the skin at the time of exposure to a given concentration of the irritant.

"It is therefore advisable to buy products which are labeled hypo-allergenic or non-comedogenic and do a patch test before using the products on the skin to make sure one is not allergic to it," Dr. Panlaqui adds.

Cosmetic ingredients vary. They come from aloe vera, wheat grain products, essential oils and extracts derived from plants. One of the newest are florabeads which are ideal for facial scrub.

Evidence of mechanical exfoliation dates back as 3,000 BC when honey and salt instituted the main cleaning ingredients of the Egyptian religious community. According to data, exfoliation acids have a long history of use like the baths taken by Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette.

Aside from the scrubs, cosmetics and treatment are reputed to beautify and minimize ageing effects. Hair cosmetics strengthen the hair and scalp as well as color it; lipstick makes one look more attractive; powder makes the skin glow and rosy; and fragrance leaves an enchanting scent. Indeed, the growing complexity of today's market combine make-up and treatment using cosmetics that do not harm the skin.

What are the precautions to take? Do not forget the patch test. Keep away from the sun, use an umbrella or a sunblock lotion. Throw away old make-up. Read labels just like you would food and medicine labels.

Dr. Panlaqui also warned about the following cosmetics and its harmful ingredients:

In axilliary deodorants and antiperspirants, aluminum salts like aluminum chloride or zinc slats (eg zinc chloride act as a primary irritant) In roll-ons, the quaternary ammonium compounds may produce allergic contact dermatitis.

In hair dyes, those containing PPDA or paraphenylenediamine may act as sensitizer. Hair bleaches peroxide ad ammonia.

In lipsticks, the perfumes used and di- and tetrabomo -fluorescein in the dyes may cause sensitization reactions.

In eye make-up, be wary of preservatives and perfumes.

In sunscreens, keep away from paraaminobenzoicacid and its esters.

In depigmenting creams, beware of those containing hydroquinone.

Well, while cosmetics really makes a whole lot of difference in enhancing a woman's beauty, there's still no substitute for a radiant and sincere smile.

Female Hair Loss Remedy – Learn the Best Treatments for Fast Natural Hair Growth

The loss of hair in women can be caused by a variety of factors. Regardless of the cause, it is not a pleasant experience. Most women treasure their hair and spend a lot of time and money taking care of it. For women, hair represents their sense of style and beauty. This is why women sometimes have a hard time coping when they notice their hair is thinning. There are medications women can use to stimulate their hair to grow back but these treatments can cause side effects. A natural female hair loss remedy can work just as well without posing a risk to your health. First, you must determine why you are losing your hair.

Hormonal Changes Cause Female Thinning Hair

Hormonal fluctuations are a common cause of female thinning hair. Some women will notice that their hair sheds in clumps shortly after they give birth. The growth cycle of a woman’s hair may eventually return to normal as her hormones return to their natural levels. If it doesn’t, a female hair loss remedy may be needed in order for her hair to grow back.

Menopause is another time in a woman’s live when her hormones are changing. Some women will notice that their hair is thinning.

Female Pattern Baldness

The leading cause to female thinning hair is a condition known as androgenic alopecia. Most people call this condition female pattern baldness. This condition is passed on through the genes and is linked to an over production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT destroys the follicles making them unable to hold on to the strands. The hair then starts to fall out and new hair cannot grow back in because of the damaged follicles. Women with this condition should use a female hair loss remedy which prevents the production of DHT.

Female Hair Loss Remedy for Hair Regrowth

Vitamin E is very effective in stimulating natural hair growth. It promotes a healthy flow of blood to the scalp. This will help ensure vitamins and minerals are able to get to the roots to nourish the strands.

Green tea is an effective female hair loss remedy for treating female pattern baldness. The tea contains compounds which curb the production of DHT.

How to Age-Proof Your Hair and Recapture Its Youthful Sheen

Do you long to have locks of lustrous hair that sparkle with health and shine, regardless of your age? For a long time now, women have been piling up anti-aging face creams; however, the latest buzz is aimed at rendering their hair age-proof. Experts recommend that you get the proper anti-aging products and start using them right from your youth in order to maintain your youth for long. Salons are stocked with anti-aging and hair-treatment products to keep your manes bouncy and lustrous. But is that all?

Many people are confronted with massive problems of falling and loss of hair, dandruff and pre-mature greying, which they tend to automatically blame on old age. As women advance in age, their hair begins to thin and lose its elasticity and ability to retain moisture. They also experience a decrease in volume as growth slows down. Men either find their hairline receding or find themselves balding at an early age and in some cases, before they even turn 30.

Currently, the buzzword of the hour is hair-restoration and the entire anti-aging sector has turned out to be an industry in its own right. As such, experts have been working round the clock to come up with hair-restoration products. Salons have been combining protein treatments, hot massages and various procedures to help women battle with their specific hair-related problems.

Hair products alone not enough

Some of the important ingredients in these anti-aging hair products are CoQ10, proteins and anti-oxidants. Some products containing camellia oil, green tea, peptides and silicones are also said to soften and strengthen the hair. Basically, majority of these products contain vitamins, essential oils, micro-silicones and a couple of other secret ingredients. These transform mature hair and make a person look much younger.

But did you know that the use of hair-products to prevent the aging is not enough? In fact, some anti-aging products can be tricky. Your hair becomes dryer and weaker as you grow older and most anti-aging products can help you restore moisture in your hair. But what should you do to maintain it for the rest of your life? Although vitamin supplements and minerals may be helpful to some extent, absolutely, it is a healthy diet and lifestyle that will transform your hair.

Practice "hair yoga"
According to experts, you need to practice "hair yoga" because great hair starts from within. This involves being careful about your diet, your vitamins, the hours you sleep, and most importantly, avoiding stress.

As much as anti-aging hair serums, masques, hair sprays, shampoos and conditioners can help keep your hair in the best condition, hair experts maintain that in the absence of a healthy lifestyle to back it up, no product will be helpful to you . This is the only way you can make your hair look great, irrespective of your age.

Treatment for Baldness in Men for Natural Hair Regrowth

Hair loss can be an extremely frustrating condition. It often starts out with extra strands falling out when you comb or brush your hair. You may even notice clumps of hair going down the drain while you are shampooing. This can be a very frightening experience, especially if you are not sure how to stop your hair from thinning. There are natural ingredients you can use as a treatment for baldness.

The Simplicity of a Natural Hair Loss Remedy

One of the greatest benefits of using natural hair loss remedies is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on them. This means that you can grow your hair back without much expense. In fact, a natural treatment for baldness does not require much time and effort on your part. The main thing you have to do is to remember to use it consistently.

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is a very effective treatment for baldness and it is absolutely free. Massaging your scalp will cause more blood to flow to your head. This is very important because a healthy blood flow allows important vitamins and nutrients to get to your roots to feed your strands. It also keeps the scalp healthy by removing dirt which can build up and clog the follicles.

Garlic and Onions

They may smell terrible but garlic and onions are rich in sulphur, which is a very effective treatment for baldness. Take some garlic cloves or onion bulbs and rub the directly onto your scalp. Sulphur revitalizes the follicles and stimulates natural hair growth.

Herbal Treatment for Baldness

Nettle root extract is a treatment for baldness for people who have male pattern baldness. It inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which weakens the follicles causing the excessive shedding of strands.

Best Hair Transplant – Find Out Which Method Is Right For Your Hair Loss Situation

The best hair transplant procedure is a matter of debate among the medical world. There are essentially two different methods that dominate the world of hair transplantation today. They are the follicular unit transplant technique (FUT), and the follicular unit extraction technique (FUE). Each doctor will likely give you a different opinion, and will have different reasons for choosing one of these methods over the other. Here we will discuss the differences so that you can decide for yourself which one might be the best for you.

FUT is an older method of transplantation in which a strip of good hair is harvested from the back of the head, and the dissected into the individual follicular units. Those units can then be transplanted onto the balding areas. The donor area is then stitched closed and takes a few weeks to heal up. There will be a permanent scar, but it can be covered up by the hair around it.

FUE is a newer procedure that harvests the follicles one by one, directly from the head. This is achieved by using a small punch tool that removes the follicle from the head. Once an appropriate amount of grafts are removed, they are then inserted into tiny slits in the balding area. There is no large scar left by this procedure, but there may be very small scars where the punch tool extracted the follicles from.

As far as which of these methods is the best hair transplant procedure goes, it really depends on your needs. If you do not want a large scar on the back of your head then FUE might be the right choice for you. This method is also preferred for people with very tight skin on their scalp, because the strip procedure will make the scalp even tighter when some skin is removed.

The FUT procedure is usually preferred for people who require a lot of work. This is because it is generally more efficient, and more hairs survive the transplant. It also takes less time to do an FUT so it is usually less expensive than FUE. The reason that FUE is less efficient is because sometimes the punch tool can inadvertently damage the follicle and that can weak the chances that the follicle will survive.

If you really want to know about the best hair transplant procedure for you, I would definitely recommend calling or emailing a doctor who specializes in the practice. A quick consultation will allow them to assess your hair and determine exactly which method is perfect for you situation. Make sure that you do your research and find a doctor that is highly recommended by previous patients.

Whether you choose FUE or FUT, you are definitely choosing the best method to battle baldness. Transplantation is the only way to permanently fix the problem of balding, but it is a huge investment. Doing your research and making some phone calls will help you put your mind at ease, and know that you have chosen the best hair transplant method.

Natural Cosmetic Products – The Best Choice

Cosmetics are very important as far as any woman is concerned, and are almost an inevitable part of a woman's life. Cosmetics including hair conditioners, lotions, creams for soft skin, gels to prevent aging and many others help a woman look beautiful and elegant. So, many women all over the world spend a large amount on cosmetics every month.

However, someone who uses a lot of cosmetics often has concerns about the quality and safety of the products being used. The solution to this is natural cosmetics. Cosmetics containing natural ingredients are of better quality and also ensure safety even when used for a long period of time.

Advent of Natural Cosmetics

Although natural cosmetics have been around a really long time, it is only recently that they have gained popularity. Today, this industry is one of the most successful and leading industries.

In the last two decades, our planet has been facing the grave problem of global warming. Global warming was a result of unnatural and chemical substances being used to a great extent which indeed has an adverse effect on the earth.

Sometimes, people realized their responsibility towards the Earth and many took a stand not to use products that cause these adverse effects on the environment. Thus, many people stopped using chemical cosmetics and this was the time when such cosmetics took over.

Natural cosmetics, upon being introduced in the market, did not do well initially. Many people were not sure how well these products would and what would be their effects. However people ever realized that they are worth buying and so these products became a hit. In fact, today many departmental stores have only natural products on their shelves instead of regular synthetic cosmetics.

Popularity of Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are made only from extracts of natural ingredients including various types of plants and minerals from both the ground and the sea. However, no animal sources are used and they are not tested on animals either.

Naturally made cosmetics are today extremely popular among youngsters who are concerned not only about their own health and skin, but also about the world they live in. The reason behind using them does not matter as long as you use them. Natural products are indeed better than most products in the market as they are biodegradable and do not cause harm to the Earth, or to the people using them.

How Essential Are Hair Scissors For Haircuts?

A serious key to giving an excellent haircut is having the suitable pair of scissors. A basic set of scissors to the unaccustomed eye may appear just that. In reality though is that they are a lot more intricate.

A hair dresser has to take lot of time and investigation into determining the right pair of scissors. You’ll find big scissors and after that there are small. Both types are supposed to attain a different sort of style and look that can’t be completed with clippers alone. The big types tend to be used to manage longer and thicker hair while the small sized hair scissors are much better for smaller, finer hair. The smaller form are also convenient and have absolutely an even better fit on the stylist’s hand. These are typically used to perform pretty sharp and tidy cuts along the hairline which the larger hair scissors are certainly not fit for.

Hair experts could consider looking for a pair of hair scissors that they are not just comfortable with but ones that are functional and will also be fitted to any work they want completed. If the scissors are so massive for the stylist’s hand, they’ll have trouble dealing with them and vice-versa.

Moreover, the hair scissors should be sharpened. Trying to cut hair by using a dull blade will cause a bad outcome in which the hair appears as though it’s been chiseled. This may also produce an uneven haircut that may dissatisfy the client.

The reality is that the suitable hair scissors are the most critical part of the hair cut. Regardless of how good the hair salon is. If they are dealing with a bad pair of scissors, it will be a haircut disaster. In addition, clippers just can’t achieve the appearance that hair scissors can. This is why it is so essential to find a suitable, functional pair of hair scissors.

Does Rogaine Work? The Facts!

Rogaine is the brand name for a drug which contains Minoxidil in 2% and 5% doses designed to combat hair loss. The main question is: Does Rogaine work?

Consider these facts:

Minoxidil was originally developed to reduce high blood pressure. One of the side effects noted was increased hair growth in some patients. This aspect of the drug was then utilized to market a medication with huge profit potential given the number of men and women in the global market concerned about hair loss or thinning hair.

The individuals who experienced this side effect would obviously answer YES to the question "Does Rogaine work?"

However, the human body is a complex organism and each individual responds differently to drugs and medicines. What works for some may not work for others.

The manufacturers of Rogaine brought out a heavier dosage version, called Rogaine Extra Strength (5%). Some sources report that this version of Rogaine was 45% more successful in stopping hair loss and generating new growth than the standard version (2%).

However, it is important to note these other observations:

About 55% of the men who took part in clinical trials reported an improvement in their hair loss dilemma. This means that in some men hair loss stopped, in others, hair loss not only stopped but there was an increase in density of hair on the scalp.

So 55 out of 100 men would say that Rogaine does work to a degree. The other side of that percentage is that 45 men out of 100 did not see any difference.

Added to that, it appears that Rogaine works best on youngger men who hair loss has not gone longer than 10 years. Also the bald patch should be smaller than 4 inches across with some hair growth in the middle.

Does Rogaine work for hair loss on any part of the scalp?

The answer to that is No! Rogaine can improve hair growth or at least stop hair loss on the top of the scalp, called the vortex area. Hair loss on the sides (temples) or a receding hairline are not helped by Rogaine.

The lower dosage 2% version can be used by women. They are not advised to use the extra strength as the 5% version can result in increased facial hair growth which many women would find unacceptable.

In this although Rogaine scores an advantage over the other FDA drug approved for hair loss, previously Propecia. Propecia is only for men as it works in a different way to Rogaine by neutralizing DHT through a process involving the male hormone testosterone. So at least women have some hope of arresting hair loss by using Rogaine.

In the hair loss industry it pays to be skeptical over wild claims of success. According to government guidelines, there is no current treatment that can be guaranteed to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth.

So keeping those factors in mind a realistic answer should be given to the question: Does Rogaine work!

Yes, Rogaine does work for some but be prepared for disappointment. Rogaine can help hair loss on limited areas of the scalp, it is not a total hair loss solution.

Additionally, only when it is used daily and persistently does Rogaine work for some. Patience and determination are needed as results may not be seen for some months. Hair loss can even increase in the early stages of taking the medication so be prepared to stick with the treatment .

How Vitamin Supplements Can Be a Gray Hair Remedy

Everyone wants to look younger, and as a result gray hair remedies abound. Hair coloring is probably to most popular simply because it's easy to use (but messy), and fast. However, it obviously does not offer any kind of long term benefit or preventative measure. And in the worst case scenario dye ends up looking unnatural.

Next in line would be topical scalp treatments like serums or shampoos that "deliver nutrients to the hair follicle". Certainly there could be some benefits there, but probably not much more than simply dyeing the hair. This is due to graying hair being a symptom of unhealthy cell function in hair follicles, or, more specifically, the lack of melanin (hair color pigment) production.

While there is no magic cure for graying hair, vitamin supplements can provide the possibility of a more far reaching solution than simple hair colorings or topicals. There are several compounds found in specialized gray hair vitamins that have the potential to slow or halt graying hair.

He Shou Wu (Fo Ti)
A widely used Chinese herb, He shou wu translates to "black-haired Mr. He" in Chinese. This name refers to a legend of an older villager named Mr. He who took he shou wu and restored his graying hair back to its youthful appearance. He Shou Wu is considered to be one of the most important of the Chinese herbal tonics and is widely used to help combat a number of common ailments, including thinning, graying hair. It is especially effective at normalizing liver and kidney functions which in turn can help treat prematurely gray hair.

An amino acid (protein) that that generates melanin. It is crucial in the formation of eumelanin and phaeomelanin which give the hair its color.

Beta Sitosterol
A phytosterol, ²-sitosterol reduces blood levels of cholesterol. Its close chemical resemblance to cholesterol enables it to block the absorption of cholesterol by competitive inhibition. Although beta-sitosterol is not well absorbed by the body (5-10%) when consumed with cholesterol it effectively blocks cholesterol's absorption, resulting in lower serum cholesterol levels. Beta-sitosterol has also been shown to improve lipoprotein (HDL, LDL) profiles.

PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid)
A form of folic acid, PABA's primary benefit is improving how protein is broken down and used in the body. Since protein plays such a key role in healthy hair growth, PABA has recently been counted as a vital hair nutrient.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin that assists in the functioning of the skin. Niacin works synergistically when combined with biotin. Niacin helps dilate blood vessels in the scalp increasing the blood flow (circulation).

Biotin is essential for hair growth, and sometimes called vitamin H.

Suffering From A Hair Loss Problem? Try Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Many people who are badly suffering from a hair loss problem, think that their problem remains unsolved until they become bald completely. Their notion is so deeply submerge into the negativity that they do not believe in any further treatment that could be really effective. Platelet rich plasma therapy is the outcome of latest research and studies that reveals that this treatment certainly help in treating hair fall problems.

What is Platelet rich plasma (PRP)?

Platelet rich plasma, also abbreviated as PRP is the blood plasma that contains platelets. It is the part of our blood that is extracted through concentrating platelets. Why this platelet is so important for human being is the fact that it contains the active growth factors and cytokines that exhaustively help to stimulate the hair growth.. The widespread benefits of such plasma is not restricted to this only, it also plays a crucial role in tissue repairing and regeneration, respond to injury as well as developing new cellular growth. This is the reason why it is not only effective and useful for in hair loss treatment, but it is also beneficial in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging treatment. It has been widely utilized all over the world for its effective use.

PRP treatment procedure

This treatment involves is a clinical procedure. The first and the foremost step of the treatment involves availing the blood sample from the patient’s body. In order to retrieve the plasma from the blood, it is then centrifuged in such a manner that only enriched cells of platelets left. These extracted platelet rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp of the of the patient or in some cases it is applied to the affected areas only.

How it works?

After the PRP is injected in the affected area of the scalp, it starts developing growth in the hair follicle by stimulating stem cells as well as other cells that is around the microenvironment of the hair follicles. Apart from this, it also stimulates inactive hair follicles, as a result, it also comes under the stage of active growth. In this way, it works to grow new hair in your scalp and promote the inactive hair follicle to grow as well.

A large number of people has been benefited utilizing the treatment of platelet rich plasma for hair loss. It includes several celebrities and renowned personalities from different walks of life. The treatment is relatively new, however, it is effective and responsive. Thus, it is trusted by a large section of the people to retrieve their lost hair with this treatment procedure.